Before the Move.

How much notice is needed?

The more notice you can provide the better, as more crews should be available for you to choose from. To book online, we require a minimum of 48 hrs. notice. To schedule last minute moves, please contact us via chat so that we can assist you with scheduling of services.

How much time should I book?

Please use our booking guide for estimates. After booking, the selected mover will also be in contact with you to further discuss your move details. If necessary, you may adjust your scheduled book time in your customer portal.

Do the movers work for MoveLift?

Movers are independent service providers, they do not work for or represent MoveLift.

How do I find out what time they are arriving?

Crews are required to contact you within 24 hrs. of receiving your order details to provide you with a scheduled arrival time.

How do I contact them?

After scheduling your services, you will receive a confirmation email which will include contact information.

How do I adjust the total hours booked?

You will need to cancel your existing reservation and place a new one. Booking adjustment features will soon be added to customer portal to facilitate such adjustments.

What if I need to cancel?

We require 48 hour notice for cancellations. Cancelations within 48 hours are subject to cancelation fees. Please contact mover directly to discuss policies regarding cancellations. 

Can I change the date or time of the job?

Yes, but availability is not guaranteed. To change the date, you must contact the vendor directly and they will process changes. If they are not available, you may cancel the move with the original vendor and select a new vendor within your customer portal.

What supplies will the crew bring?

All supplies included free of charge will be listed under equipment. Some vendors will have supplies available at a cost, if so, there will be a dollar sign next to item. This is an indicator that you may “purchase” this item for the move.

Will the crew help me pack?

We focus on loading and unloading services. It is ideal to have everything packed and ready to be loaded upon arrival of crew since they are not professional packers. If you wish to discuss the possibility of adding this to your service, you may discuss that directly with the crew.

Will the crew have a truck?

Services booked will not include moving truck, container or any other means to transport your belongings.

Can they drive my truck?

Due to insurance reasons, the crew is not allowed to drive your truck or your personal vehicle/s.

Is there additional cost for stairs or elevators?

Some crews may charge more for flight of stair, this fee will be displayed on your price breakdown. Our crews do no charge extra for elevators but the job will take longer than normal when elevator or stairs are involved.

Will I be charged for travel time?

Any travel charge for your area will be included in your pricing. Travel time is not “on clock” time, the time will begin upon the crew’s arrival at your location. The only exception is when scheduling a load follow to unload.

Are all movers insured and licensed?

License and insurance information will be listed in credentials section. Please note, not all vendors will have license as its not required for this type of service. For insurance, we require all vendors to offer a minimum of $.60 cents per pound per items as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measurements. Some movers may offer additional insurance.

Any damages should be reported directly to the Mover. For more information, please refer to Movers' profiles.

What equipment does the vendor bring?

All equipment included free of charge will be listed under equipment. Some vendors will have equipment available at a cost; if so, there will be a dollar sign next to item.

Are the movers background checked?

Background status will be listed under credentials. MoveLift does not verify background check information. Mover is responsible to provide accurate information regarding employee background check status.

Is there anything the movers will not load or unload?

Hazardous material, weapons, cash, collectables, jewelry are some of the items that your mover will not move. Please contact the selected provider to discuss any additional items not included on this list.

During the Move.

How do I pay?

The crew will collect any and all payment involved with your move. This may include a deposit and remaining balance.

What if they are late?

Contact the selected crew. If you cannot reach them within a reasonable amount of time, contact us by chat. We will step in and help you get in contact with the crew or help you find an alternate crew.

Should I tip?

Tips are not required but are always appreciated. The tip amount should be based on how well you feel they did. Based on customer feedback, the typical amount is $10-$25 per worker.

What if I book more hours than I need?

In order to avoid availability issues, the crew will block out pre-booked times. Due to this scheduling system, the crew will not have an opportunity to schedule a job during any unused time. Typically, movers do not offer refunds for unused time, however, you may discuss this with the mover directly to see if any exceptions can be made.

What if the crew does not show up?

Contact the crew first to get any updates on arrival. If you cannot reach them for any reason, please contact us by chat. We will help you find a replacement crew if necessary. We do track no shows in our system and encourage you to leave a review for that crew.

What if I need them for more hours than I booked?

MoveLift does not make any guarantees that movers will be available to work past the time selected. That is why we stress the importance of scheduling the proper amount of time for your move. The mover selected will be able to assist you with the amount of time needed for your move. After determining the need, you may access your reservation and add extra time to your move.

What if a mover is injured while on the job?

For your protection, we highly recommend that you request a release of liability from your mover at the time of confirmation.

How do I know the crew won’t take their time?

Crews want satisfied customers because their reviews generate more business for them. If you feel the job took much longer than what is within reason, feel free to contact the crew and discuss your concerns.

Do crews take lunches and or breaks?

Water and bathroom breaks might be needed, especially during certain weather conditions. In addition to small breaks, lunch breaks may be necessary on long jobs. The mover can explain break/lunch policies with you in more details.

Will the crew take apart or put together my items?

Please include assembling and disassembling details in notes to vendor. Some items may require special tools that the crew may or may not have. It is always best to discuss this with vendor before the move date and consider the additional time for assembling/disassembling in hours booked.

After the Move.

If I am dissatisfied, what do I do?

Contact your mover and allow them the opportunity to make it right. If the issue is not resolved, you may leave a review describing your experience.

What if damage occurs?

Please contact mover hired to report damages and request any necessary forms. As well as deadline information.

Will my review be edited or removed for any reason?

The only time we will remove a review is it if contains profanity, racism, and/or details to be considered inappropriate. We want to make sure reviews are accurate representations of the customer experience without offending customers who may read them. We do not remove reviews upon a movers’ request.

What personal details are included in my review?

Your first name and last initial will be displayed as well as the city where services took place

Can the mover respond to a review I leave?

Although we do not remove reviews under a vendor request, we do allow them to reply to reviews.