Policies and Requirements.

How do customers find me?

Once an application is approved and you are authorized to be listed on MoveLift.com, you will be one of the many options that will generate on our marketplace.  You will come up on the list if it is an area you service and you have time slots available.  Servicing areas are based on your zip code and the travel radius you set on your profile. 


How do I get more work?

Properly managing your calendar is key.  When your calendar is well managed, you are likely to receive more inquiries and job opportunities. Pricing and Reviews are the other key areas to manage to increase your bookings.  Keep your pricing competitive and affordable to attract more consumers.  Once they are interested, you will ensure they book with you if your reviews consistently indicate that you provide timely, quality service.  Remember that you want to always remain active on the site.  If orders are not confirmed and customer is not contacted within 24 hours or you fail to show for jobs, you may be deactivated from the site.


Are background checks required?

Criminal background checks are required on all employees that are entering the homes of customers booked via MoveLift. Workers who do not pass the background check are not permitted on any MoveLift job site. Providing peace of mind to customers and maintaining competitive pricing are some of our top priorities.  That's why we have dedicated time to find you the lowest priced options that will fulfill background check requirements.  Contact us and our agents can discuss more details.


Is insurance required?

We require all vendors to cover a minimum of $.60 per pound per item damaged as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measurements.  If you offer full value coverage, you may list that on your profile.  Unless you have insurance coverage through an insurance company, please mark the ‘No’ box under the insurance section of your portal.  This still requires you to provide the minimum coverage with the understanding that any claims will be handled by you and paid by you out of of pocket.


How much am I charged to be on the site?

There is no charge to be listed on the MoveLift marketplace. 


Am I required to have paperwork on the job site?


Vendors will need to obtain and keep on file signed documentation by the customer that the job took place.  This is imperative for potential disputes and customer quality concerns.


How will I be paid?


You will collect your portion of the payment directly from the customer after the services have been rendered. The only exception to this will be for cancellation fees collected by MoveLift. Payment for these will be issued to you by check directly by MoveLift.


Am I able to charge a deposit?


Being that MoveLift offers a guaranteed cancellation fee of $100, you are not to take any payment from the customer prior to providing service. This flat $100 charge will cover any cancellations due with less than 48hrs notice.


How does MoveLift collect their fee?

MoveLift will accept our payment from the customer upon booking.  This fee is deducted off the overall charge the customer will see at the time of booking. The remaining portion, your payment, is to be collected by you directly from the customer. The collecting of this fee should only be done after services have been rendered.


How do I check if my rates are competitive?

First, verify that the rates you have listed on MoveLift.com are the same or lower than the rates you have advertised elsewhere. i.e. your personal website, other marketplaces, etc.  For additional comparison, feel free to browse the site as a consumer and check the other options available in your servicing areas.  A quick search will help you see where you stand amongst your competitors in price, value, and review ratings. 


Can I add the MoveLift fee to my hourly rates?

Our system will automatically add the MoveLift fee on top of the 2-hour minimum total you are charging the customer.  This is explained in step 3 of your registration.  If you need to review this section, you may click ‘Edit Company’ and go to step 3 within your profile.  If you do not wish to pass that charge on to the customer, please adjust your hourly rate. Please keep in mind that your rate inclusive with the movelift fee, should not be greater than your lowest advertised rate.


Receiving and Managing Jobs.

How am I notified of a job?

With our new Version 2 system, you will no longer be able to reject job orders.  As such, vendors are required to maintain an updated and accurate calendar.  Customers are only able to place orders for dates and times you are showing available.   When a customer selects you as a chosen provider, you will be notified via email that a job has been booked.  You will need to login to your profile as soon as possible to review the details of the job sent to you and contact your customer.  This must be done within 24 hours of receipt of the booking email.

What action must I take once I receive a job?

You will need to contact the customer within 24 hours of the job booking to go over the job details and further discuss the move.  Customers do not have the moving experience that you do so please instruct and guide them on what is needed to make the move go smoothly.  After obtaining additional details from the customer, you may also suggest adjustments to the number of workers and hours if deemed necessary.    

What happens if the customer needs to make a change? 


In the event the customer needs to make a change to either the date, time, hours, or number of workers, they will request that by calling MoveLift. We will assist the customer with modifications.

What happens if the job runs longer than scheduled?


Should a job go over the schedule time, you are permitted to remain on the job site to complete the order. Any additional costs for time that exceeds the time slot booked will need to be collected directly from the customer by you. Please ensure the customers is in agreement with extra hours before the clock for additional hours begins.


How do I know what jobs I have?

Scheduled orders will be listed on your calendar.  That is your go to place to review and plan your day.  Your orders can either be viewed in a calendar or list format under Moving Requests.

How do I block out dates that I am not available?

Under the Manage Availability tab in your portal, you will be able to block out dates and times you are not available.  Once on that page, you will see the current week’s calendar displayed.  To block out entire days, simply click on the box underneath that day.  All the boxes beneath will change to gray.  In order to block out specific times, click on the boxes next to those hour increments under the date you need.  If you only need to block out a set number of crewmembers for those dates and times, you will click on the number on the right side of the ‘/’ under each date.  This will allow you to block a specified number of crewmembers if others are still available.  Customer will only be able to book your services for the dates, times, and number of crewmembers that are showing available. 

When should I block out dates?

Once you have filled your calendar and are unable to accept new jobs, you may block out the day.  You may also block dates you are unable to accept any jobs.  Example: Holidays, vacation days, sick days, outside jobs, etc.


What happens if I can’t do a booked job?

First, always try to work out a new date and time with your customer.  Once a job is booked, it is your responsibility to service that job.  If, for some reason, you and the customer cannot work out a new date and time, please contact us.  We will work on finding the customer a new crew who can assist them with their move.  Keep in mind that we take cancellations very seriously and will keep records of these occurrences.  Cancellations may lead to bad reviews and potential removal from the MoveLift marketplace.  We highly recommend that you monitor your calendar and availability to avoid unnecessary post confirmation cancellations.


What cancellation policy must I follow?

If the customer provides less than 48hrs notice is provided, we will apply a cancellation charge to your customer of an amount totaling the MoveLift fee + $100.  The $100 is your portion of the payment.  MoveLift reserves the right to waive this fee should the customer reschedule their service with you based upon your availability.   MoveLift shall submit payment to you for cancellation fees collected on your behalf within 7 days via check.


What if I or another worker is injured on the job?

As per your contract, you have agreed to not hold MoveLift responsible for injuries on the job. Within this contract, you have also acknowledge that have met our requirements to have workers comp and general liability insurance. Please note that customers may ask you for a waiver of liability for their records.

Profile changes and Reviews.

How do I change my fees?

Click on “Edit Company” to get to your listed rates.  There, you can manage your travel fee, hourly rates, and any equipment charges. Remember, MoveLift requires rate parity with other advertised sources.


What happens if I don’t show up to a job?

Failure to show may lead to removal from the system as well as bad reviews.  MoveLift will assist your customer with locating a new crew.  If the replacement crew has a higher charge or we need to issue a customer credit, you may be responsible to cover such charges. The cost may be deducted from your next order or processed on the the credit card on file.


What if my customer is not upfront about what is included?  

It is important to discuss all that will be moved during your first conversation with the customer. Any items that have extra costs should be discussed upfront, as well.  Most oversized or specialty items will have a check box for the customer to click and, as such, will automatically factor into your total cost.  Please review each order before dispatch so that you may have records to reference when move day arrives and the crew is prepared.


How do I see my reviews?


Simply click on "Customer Relations".  While on that page, you will see all your listed reviews.  These reviews are also visible to potential customers on your public profile. 


How do I respond to a review?

Next to each review, there will be a ‘Respond’ button.  By clicking that, you can reply to any listed reviews.   Please make sure to remain professional and courteous in these responses. MoveLift does reserve the right to hide any inappropriate content such as profanity, threats, etc.  Failure to adhere these guidelines will result in removal from the MoveLift marketplace.


What actions will remove me from the site?


Failure to follow our privacy policy, MoveLift’s aforementioned guidelines, lack of professionalism, and supplying false information of any kind.  In addition, failure to provide MoveLift with any necessary documentation. (Such as, but limited to certificates of insurance, licensing paperwork, proof of background checks, serviced customer wor4k tickets, etc.)  Please contact us to further discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding what is expected.


How do I deactivate my profile?

To de-active your profile, you must contact MoveLift.  Our agents will assist you with the deactivation.


How can I contact MoveLift?

You may contact MoveLift at 855-726-5764 or via email at contactus@movelift.com.